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2007 Ascencion Malbec

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From Salta Argentina, and boldly stating on its bottle that it is barrel aged, I am  a bit hopefully about this, mainly for the barrel aged statement.  I have long been a fan of liquids stored in barrels.  So I am wondering about its name, do they proclaim that wine causes us to rise to a higher state of consciousness?

Bright fruity flavors light hint of toasted oak on the nose.   The most notable aroma is Chocolate strawberries, with hints of plum and dried cranberries.    The flavor is a real punch in the mouth, full of tannic fruits, and actually a nice hint of raspberry pastry and a refreshing hint of lemon.  This is  a bit heavy on the tannins, and the finish is almost sour.

I have not had many Argentinian Wines, or Malbecs, so I do not know if these are par for the course, I hope not.   If I were to give this points I would have a hard time giving it above mid 70’s if I even want to be that generous.


Written by winetoremember

June 9, 2011 at 12:15 am

Posted in Malbec, Red Wine

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