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2009 Apothic Red

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A California red wine blend, which has a bit more information posted here. Something about this wine had me put off trying it until I was gifted a bottle.  In part because between the color choices and the label style it comes across as macabre, in the sense that the only color used not on the Grey scale was blood red.

The color is incredibly dark, possibly one of the darkest wines I have seen, even with a well lit window in the background this still only shows a faint hint of purple.  The nose though is something special, so amazingly fresh and clean, almost like a batch of fresh picked berries brought in out of the rain, and a brisk day.  Not just that though, there seems to be a bit of orange and clove in the midst of the aroma’s.  The flavor is a bit interesting starts out feeling exceedingly clean with almost a bit of a sour taste, and as that clears away, on comes a striking waves of acidity, strikingly reminiscent of oranges and cranberries.  Only in the aftermath does there seem to be a bit of tannins peaking out.

I didn’t know what I was expecting with this one, but for some reason the more I try it the more it tastes like a fruit punch, that has a little extra kick.  It is by no means bad, in fact it would be amazingly refreshing on a slightly warmer day (its already decently hot).  But I will say this is worlds better than the Rose I had at a Greek Festival at lunch.    I thought the Rose would go well with the heat, but the Rose labeled as a Greek Rose table wine, tasted to me like heartburn in a glass.

Back to the Apothic, this is way too drinkable, not to intense.  This seems like it would be great for party drinking where I am not looking for a drinkable work of art, but rather something which can be consumed in a variety of situations and have it likely taste great.


Written by winetoremember

June 3, 2011 at 11:00 pm

Posted in Red Wine

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